Welcome to my first post! I’ve finally finished my website. It’s taken me a few months to get it to the stage that I’m happy to launch it.

The part I enjoyed most was choosing the colours, and I found a great website called Huesnap which helped me with this. I was actually inspired by the colour of the sky during some of my evening dog walks around Arthur’s Seat!

If you have any thoughts or comments on my website, I’d love to hear from you.

I will be posting regularly on my blog and on my social media so let’s see if we can get a few discussions going!

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roomtochange: addiction counselling online and local in edinburgh face to face

A lot of time and thought was put into my logo. My initial idea was to design a simple cube representing a room. That idea developed into a changing cube, and finally I decided to animate the cube, representing one of my key principles, that change is possible. I also added a restart function so the animation can be run again, simply click on the cube in the top menu to see this animation.

roomtochange: instant chat available for addiction counselling

Being able to respond to clients quickly is important to me so I took the decision to add an online chat tool. Simply click on the chat icon at the bottom of all my pages and posts to start a conversation with me.

GT Metrix Report For roomtochange.co.uk A Grade listing Full width

Lastly a big thank you is also due to the team at GTMetrix.com. Using their tools has helped me to build my site so that it loads in under 1 second and meets all of that technical stuff required by Google these days. Most importantly, my clients do not have to wait, or waste unnecessary broadband or mobile data waiting for large files to download.

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