Supporting someone with problem substance use or addictive behaviours can be an emotional experience. It can have an affect on our own lives and we can feel isolated and withdrawn. Sometimes we need a helping hand too and accepting this is often the first step to self-care. My practice is a safe, compassionate and confidential space for you to explore how you feel and make sense of your experience and relationship. Learn how to better communicate, offer emotional support, and establish appropriate boundaries.

I will also work with you if you have been affected by someone else’s substance use as a child. As an adult, this can often result in feelings of anxiety, depression and problems in current relationships.

Recovery Room

Setting personal goals during recovery is an opportunity to reset and begin thinking toward the future. The recovery room can help set these goals.

Friends & Family Support Room

Supporting people in active addiction can be difficult. Taking care of yourself and your own needs is important.

Group Room

Group therapy and social support are key elements to a successful and lasting recovery program.

family & friends room: addiction counselling service

“The support of friends and family can play a very important role in someone recovering.”

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