It’s very common for us to use something to self-soothe, cope with difficult situations, or change the way we feel. For some people it’s substances like drugs and alcohol, for others it could be food, sex, gambling or shopping. There are many reasons for using substances and behaviours to regulate our emotions. Often it becomes unhealthy and causes problems in our everyday lives.

A dependency on substances and behaviours can feel isolating and lonely. It’s not always easy facing this on your own, and asking for support can feel like a big step. My practice is a supportive, confidential and compassionate space for you to explore whatever it is you’re going through. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and a recovery plan will be based on the changes you want to make. It might be reducing or stopping substance use, exploring the root cause of harmful behaviours, relapse prevention or self care.

Everyone’s story is different and often the root of our behaviour lies in the past. I will work with you to explore the origins of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and relating to others, unresolved emotional trauma, and feelings of anxiety and depression.

Sometimes, the only way out is through. Contact me to take your first step to discovery and recovery.

roomtochange: a safe place for addiction recovery

Recovery Room

Substance use and addictive behaviours can have huge impact on physical and metal health, relationships and finances.

roomtochange: a confidential place for addiction recovery

Friends & Family Room

I’ll work with you to help you understand addiction and stages of recovery, as well as developing your own coping mechanisms.

roomtochange: safe and confidential support for addiction recovery

Group Room

Participants support and nurture each other like a family by reinforcing good behaviours and can help each other cope during difficult times.

Recovery Room: addiction counselling service

“Therapy is a time for you to focus on yourself without being concerned about taking up someone’s time.”

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